Adopting Net Energy approach in feed formulation with NESTOR



During an interview realized by Feedinfo, two Adisseo collaborators answered a succession of questions.


“It has been clearly demonstrated that formulating closer to the animal needs, that is in Net Energy (NE), will improve production efficiency !”
Pierre-André Geraert, Adisseo Scientific Marketing Director.


To help nutritionists make the switch, Adisseo is introducing its new tool, NESTOR. It considers the NE of various feedstuffs and the NE requirements of pigs and poultry and combines this into data that can be easily incorporated into the feed formulation process.


[Feedinfo] Why has Adisseo, a feed additives company, decided to weigh in on the Net Energy vs digestible or metabolizable energy debate?

[Pierre-André Geraert] Being a nutritional solution provider, Adisseo has been involved for a long time in feed formulation. We have been giving values and recommendations for years with our RNG (Rhodimet Nutrition Guide) and e-RNG tool. When developing our nutritional recommendations for using enzymes in feeds, we have long been concerned by the various systems of feed formulations. Our Predictor software allows to adjust nutritional recommendations to the feed composition and thus anticipate the potential benefits. We also have our PNE (Precise Nutrition Evaluation) platform, which allows users to evaluate batches of feedstufs to get closer to the day-to-day usage with the addition of data on antinutritional factors. With more than 20 years of expertise in this field, providing recommendations in NE is the next logical step for Adisseo, which has always sought to be as close as possible to the reality of nutrients and animal needs.


[Feedinfo] How NESTOR it different from existing feed formulation tools?

[Angélique Cayzac] NESTOR is a recommendation tool which combines the NE value of ingredients and NE requirements of the animals. It will help feed formulators, but it is not a formulation software. End-users are currently using various formulation software such as Allix, Format, Brill, etc., and they can easily import NESTOR’s data into any of their existing software.


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