adisseo’s specialty additives improve the environmental performance of shrimp farming


The carbon footprint of aquaculture production is at the forefront of environmental considerations that preoccupy consumers. Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become the leading tool for identifying key environmental impacts through the production system, from aquafeed production to human consumption of shrimp.

Together with Adisseo, Blonk performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study to measure the potential of two specialty additives to reduce the environmental footprint of shrimp farming: Sanacore®GM, a broad spectrum health promotor, resulting in improved survival and productivity in well documented field trials under a variety of stress and disease conditions, and Aqualyso®, a lyso-phospholipid based digestive and metabolic enhancer widely used in shrimp feed formulation.

The first LCA confirmed that the preventive application of Sanacore®GM reduced the carbon footprint by 38% of shrimp farming exposed to typical disease challenges encountered in Indonesia. The second LCA confirmed the contribution of Aqualyso® to reducing the global warming impact of feed production by 3% and of shrimp production by 16%.

Both LCA studies have been externally reviewed according to the ISO 14040/14044 standards.

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