Adisseo supporting USSEC’s 5th Annual International Aquaculture Feed Formulation Workshop Series (IAFFD) in four APAC countries


Adisseo’s aquaculture team was honored to actively participate in the series of four 2-days workshops organized by USSEC in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand, from April 29 to May 10. This 5th edition aimed at sharing the latest version of the IAFFD, a public access database of raw material nutrient compositions (over 400 raw materials) and nutrient specifications for formulating feeds for up to 30 aquaculture species under various production systems.

This event was initiated and sponsored by USSEC. The workshop series allowed to convene in each location at least 20 local feed specialists, including 10 commercial formulators/nutritionists from local feed companies and some of their collaborators. They heard about latest developments on aqua nutrition and run feed formulation exercises on key aquaculture species for these countries, with the help of the IAFFD and commercial feed formulation software (Bestmix). These formulation exercises were conducted under the guidance of Martin Guerin, Regional Technical Manager Aquaculture APAC/ISC of Adisseo, with the support of Marc Newman of USSEC and Dr. Dominique Bureau of the University of Guelph, Canada.

The sessions allowed the participants to have open discussions and access to the expert opinions of professional nutritionists to review formulation solutions under various situations; starting with basic formulations, then further improving these formulations to face specific challenges such as fish meal replacement, improved resistance to disease (viral and/or bacteria), or improved fillet quality and yield, thanks to the help of feed additives and other formulation adjustments.

The 4 workshops shared common focus species such as Tilapia, Asian Seabass, and Vannamei shrimp, but allowed participants to run formulation simulations on other species of local interest, such as common carp for Indonesia, Pangasius (tra catfish) and Snakehead fish for Vietnam, or milkfish, Black Tiger shrimp and Pompano for the Philippines.

While different perceptions and industry needs could be noticed between the four locations – often associated with differences in raw materials availability and quality, or production conditions – the same key concerns were raised and addressed in each location.

For instance:

  • How to reduce or replace fish meal and fish oil?
  • How to use feed enzymes and digestive aids to improve performance and reduce feed costs?
  • How to solve health problems with the help of feeds and feed additives?
  • How to make better use of soybean meal and other plant proteins in aquafeeds and remediate antinutritional factors in those raw materials” says Martin Guerin.

“Having a wide range of specialized nutritional and health solutions within our product port-folio for aquaculture, our industry-experienced aqua experts are keen to share experiences on these hot topics for the aquafeed industry during these perfectly organized USSEC workshops”, says Allen Wu, Adisseo’s regional manager aquaculture for APAC.

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