Adisseo Research Grant 2022

Discover Adisseo Research Grant 2022

  A commitment to the future of animal nutrition

Adisseo is committed to have a long-term implication in research and is fully involved to find sustainable and meaningful innovations in animal nutrition field.

Thus, Adisseo decided to support research by launching a yearly Research Grant. The objective is to offer up to 1M€ to collaborative projects addressing key feed industry challenges.

The proposed research projects should be innovative and collaborative, clearly based on complementary approaches, and aiming to unlock scientific & technical challenges. They should be on pre-competitive topics and not comparing solutions efficacy. The targeted species are swine and poultry.

Enhancing the sustainability of animal protein production is a major challenge for the future of our planet. The proposed research projects must investigate nutritional strategies or concepts contributing at their scales to reduce the environmental footprint of animal production or improve animals’ welfare.
Apart from a positive impact on sustainability, the proposed research projects should focus on the two following feed industry challenges:

  • Nutritional evaluation of new raw materials
  • Alternatives to medication: nutrition for resilience

Applications are closed for this year. Applicants will receive a feedback on their preproposal beginning of May 2022. Stay tuned!


The use of by-products from the agri-food industry, local raw materials and alternative feedstuffs is of primary importance to reduce the environmental footprint of feed formula. A right and quick profiling of raw materials beyond corn, wheat, soybean meal, DDGS, must be performed to define their nutritional value for poultry and swine, their antinutritional constraints and limits to enable their optimal incorporation in feed formulation. To facilitate the use of those raw materials, quick and easy methodologies should be developed to assess the quality of raw materials including their impact on animal welfare, performance and health.

Better welfare and fewer antibiotics are key for sustainable farming and are matching end-consumer expectations. This feed industry challenge is about identifying strategies for restoring animal performance without medication using a nutritional strategy. The scientific investigations could be based on studies of the nutritional requirements that could change when medications are reduced. The identification of new nutritional approaches and their impact on animal resilience, for example, the means to avoid Salmonella contamination is of interest. In pig production, the management of antibiotic reduction and the usage of trace elements (zinc, copper) are key issues to guarantee healthy pigs.

A motivated and supportive scientific committee

A team of academics and industry representatives from around the world, ready and able to assist you with your project

In addition to funding, the selected projects will be supported by our scientific committee throughout the duration of the research program.

Applications are closed for this year. Applicants will receive a feedback on their preproposal beginning of May 2022. Stay tuned!


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