Adisseo awarded at the Chemistry Initiatives 2021 Awards


The 2nd edition of the “Chemistry Initiatives Awards”, initiated by Infopro Digital and co-organized with the GIFIC Interchimie, took place in Paris on October 6th.

This event rewards successful collaborations between chemical

manufacturers and solution providers. On this occasion, Adisseo and Optimistik were distinguished in the “Digitalization of Production Processes” category.

This award recognizes the digitalization strategy of our production tool, carried out through a successful partnership leading to the improvement of industrial performance, product quality, and flexibility of the industrial tool. The DISPLAY 4.0 project (Data Intelligence Simplification Process under controL by AnalYsis) has enabled Adisseo to successfully digitalize its european and chinese industrial activities.


For the past 3 years, Adisseo has been committed to a digital transformation process.

More specifically in its industrial activities to gain in competitiveness, efficiency and better anticipate future process developments.

The DISPLAY 4.0 project started in January 2019, relying on the complete, flexible, and pragmatic OI Analytical solution offered by the company Optimistik, with 4 objectives:

  • To have a decision support tool to optimize the performance of industrial processes and installations in terms of yield and reproducibility,
  • Sharing information in real-time between the various players,
  • Promote collaborative and remote work from the same database,
  • Automate production follow-ups and balances as well as test series.

The system is now operational in our Spanish, Chinese and French industrial sites.


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