Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s Biorisk garners agriculture accolade in SBR International Business Awards


The company launched digital biosecurity and audits, decreasing the risk of disease entering and spreading within the farms and predicting outbreaks caused by unintentional and unaware human movements.

Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd provides marketing and trading of animal solutions and health products, animal feed additives and related animal products and the provision of technical support to distributors, agents, and customers in the Asia Pacific region.

A worldwide leader in feed additives, Adisseo has launched Biorisk, developed by PigCHAMP Pro Europa, a new method and technology to diagnose, improve and control the biosecurity within and among the pig farms (internal and external biosecurity). Biorisk is the only system currently available able to predict the potential disease dissemination caused by staff movements, visitors and trucks.

Biorisk is a tool that follows the line of the “One Health” concept by using real-time biosecurity data. It is the first time that a farmer or a vet can control a farm’s biosecurity from home.

The existing protocols and technologies are only partially satisfactory, with ever existing outbreaks of diseases worldwide demonstrating it (African Swine Fever or PRRS). This situation affects the sustainability of the pig industry. Moreover, Biorisk implementation is carried out by professionals in the field such as telecommunication engineers, and data scientists–helping the customers and vets to implement biosecurity protocols and training the farm staff to increase their commitment to biosecurity.

Biorisk allows producers to decrease the risk of disease outbreaks within and across the farms, get a tool that predicts outbreaks caused by human movements and improve farm health and reduce antibiotics.
A feasibility study was carried out, whose goal was to analys e the innovative value proposition of Biorisk, evaluate its ROI and ensure future sustainability. Three main tasks were implemented such as the analysis of the market, business, and financial features. In 2017, live experiments using commercial smartphones to monitor access in eight Spanish farms.
Three years after, a partnership between PigCHAMP Pro Europa with MDS was also built to install the second version of the system on 30 farms in 14 countries. This experimentation enabled us to validate both the technical performances and the economic viability of the exploitation models. This year, ongoing experiments are still being conducted on 20 European farms.

In addition, PigCHAMP Pro Europa also took part in important collaboration agreements with several universities (U Gent, Ohio State U, UCM, SGGW, etc.) involved in different global and European research projects. The main stakeholder is swine producers having farms of different types with a deficiency in biosecurity level, farms located in very risky areas/countries (ASF) and farms that want to decrease antibiotics use and prevent external infections.

With this digital innovation in the agriculture industry, Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has won an award in the SBR International Business Awards for improving productive and financial results as well as the satisfaction of employees in farms based on better education and transparency. The prestigious program lauds foreign companies for their outstanding projects in Singapore.

Adisseo Asia emphasis ed that real biosecurity data nowadays is a blue ocean with almost everything is still to be done. By seizing the scale-up potential, Biorisk seeks to become the global leader and reference in biosecurity control in animal production facilities with its technological, data, and cloud profile that could be adapted to cover the three largest animal production markets: pigs, poultry, and large ruminants.


Article co-written with Singapore Business Review (June 2022)


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