Adisseo announces the laureates of the first Adisseo Research Grant (2021-2024).


The two laureates of the first Adisseo Research Grant were announced during the last WPC webinar on November 9th.

The two scientific projects were:

  • “How to feed broilers during infection with, and recovery from, coccidia in different environments: functional role of amino acids.” presented by Prof. Ilias KYRIAZAKIS (AFBI,  Northern Ireland, UK) and Prof. Oluyinka OLUKOSI (University of Georgia, USA).
  • “GutMIVir – Understanding the contribution of the gut microbiota to mucosal immunity and antiviral defences in the chicken.” presented by Dr. Rodrigo GUABIRABA (INRAe, France), Prof. Bernd KASPERS (LMU, Germany) and Prof. Lonneke VERVELDE (UEDIN/Roslin, UK).


The 1st Adisseo Research Grant was launched last May to encourage scientific collaboration between international labs and complementary approaches to address some of the main challenges faced by the feed industry. Those challenges include sustainability, antibiotic ban, new feedstuffs, early feeding and hot conditions.

For this €1M grant, Adisseo relies on an independent Scientific Committee, with 5 members from Academia and 10 representatives from the feed industry, from all over the world.

80 pre-proposals were received end June. 32 were initially selected and 7 got through to the final stage with a complete evaluation by the international Scientific Committee who selected the two winner projects. The outcomes of these promising projects will be regularly posted.

A new Adisseo Research Grant 2022-2025 will be launched end January 2022. The laureates will be announced at the WPC 2022 in Paris (August 7-11). Applications for collaborative research projects, on poultry or swine, aiming to increase scientific and technical knowledge of the industry, are welcome. The projects should address the feed industry challenges mentioned on the website.