The #MycoToxinContamination of grain harvested 🌾in a single year can differ from the mycotoxin patterns and levels of previous years in the same climatic region. It's like a betting game for the producer who has to deal with a potential contamination ➡️ Adisseo photo

🦐 Farmed shrimp are exposed to stressors that affect performance and increase the risk of disease development. Let's review different additive supplementation strategies ➡️
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🔊 My name is Paul and I work for #Adisseo in the #USA 🇺🇸
I'm the bridge that connects nutritionist, veterinarians, production and technical experts to customers 💪
I am proud to work for Adisseo!
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Adisseo Spain 🇪🇸 collaborates once again with the #SolidarityRace. All funds raised went to Aspaym ✅
🔜The improvement of the living conditions of those people who have disability in the region of Castille and Leon!
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The use of feed flavors has been shown to improve feed palatability and ensure an optimal feed intake in sows 🐷
This article offers confirmation about the effect of our solutions Krave® AP on improving milk production and litter weight gains➡️
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