Adisseo ouvrira ses portes au Grand Public sur son site de Saint Clair du Rhône du 16 au 25 octobre 2017


Dans le cadre de l’opération “Journées Portes Ouvertes” organisées chaque année par la CCI Nord-Isère, Adisseo ouvre ses portes aux particuliers souhaitant découvrir, avec leur famille, amis ou collègues, le site de production de Saint Clair du Rhône du 16 au 25 octobre 2017.

Ce sera l’occasion pour nos visiteurs de mieux connaître notre activité et notre savoir-faire durant des sessions de 30 minutes du lundi au vendredi à 17h30 et vendredi 20 à 11h également.

Attention : l’âge minimum autorisé est de 12 ans.


Pour vous inscrire, rendez vous sur la page dédiée à l’événement :



By 2050, the world’s population is expected 📈 to reach close to 10 billion. How will we feed all the people on the planet? 🌍
Our new #SustainableReport is now available! Read it here ➡️
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The Squadeasy challenge it's an #Adisseoproject! It was a real success!
✈️The main objective was to travel to all Adisseo sites worldwide. Thanks to these kilometers achieved, 89 trees 🌳 were planted in three regions of the world: #Honduras 🇭🇳 #Spain 🇪🇸 & #Thailand 🇹🇭
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💼 Do you want to join our team in #France 🇫🇷? Become our new Specialties Technical Sales Manager! Apply:

🧪The #MycotoxinContamination stats for the wheat harvested in UK in 2020 is available! 56 % of the samples 🌾 were contaminated by mycotoxins.
Read our bulletin to learn more about the level of risk ➡️
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The #history of applied research at the BU Aquaculture started in the late nineties. “Today, we run a continuous program on #AppliedResearch around the globe related to topics of immediate relevance for our customers”, says Dr. Waldo Nuez.
Learn more➡️
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On March 31, Adisseo held in China 🇨🇳 a virtual #InvestorDay themed “Leading Innovation, Sustainable Future”.
The purpose of this event was to present to investors a clear roadmap for the company's 🗺️ #SustainableDevelopment in the next five years ⭐️
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