Communiqués de presse 28/07/2017

Résultats du premier semestre 2017 : marge brute solide à 37 %

Chiffres clés :

  • Le revenu d’exploitation s’élève à 49,3 Yi (100 millions) Yuan + Variation -9 %
  • La marge brute se maintient à 37 % malgré un prix plus faible de la méthionine
  • Le bénéfice net atteint 5.8 Yi (100 millions) Yuan, soit une marge nette de 11,8 %
  • Le flux net de trésorerie des activités opérationnelles s’élève à 12,1 Yi (100 millions) Yuan + Variation -20 %


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"How Supplemental Methionine Moderates Heat Stress" is the topic of this week's Adisseo Ruminant Podcast.
You'll learn how #SupplementalMethionine modulated liver protein abundance and enzyme activity.

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🔊My name is Tahir and I joined Adisseo in 2020. I work as Science and Technical Solution Developer.
I participate in the management of projects in the field of nutrition by amino acids.
I'm proud to contribute to feeding the world population with “care for the environment”.🙏
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During #TheGlobalFoodSecuritySustainabilityVirtualSummit2021, Eric Paillard, #ManagingDirector of #AdisseoAsiaPacific, presented its study on the issue "the task of feeding 10 billion people by 2050".

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