Communiqués de presse 02/05/2017

Résultats du 1er trimestre 2017

Malgré un environnement de marché difficile, Adisseo a réussi à générer une marge opérationnelle en ligne avec les objectifs pour l’année 2017. Cette performance est le fruit d’une gestion rigoureuse des coûts et de l’efficacité renforcée des installations.

Chiffres clés :

  • Revenu d’exploitation : 24,7 (100 millions) Yuan (329 M€)
  • Résultat net : 4 (100 millions) Yuan (53 M€) pour une marge nette de 16%
  • Flux net de trésorerie des activités opérationnelles : 6,1 (100 millions) Yuan (81 M€)

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🧪The #MycotoxinContamination stats for the wheat harvested in UK in 2020 is available! 56 % of the samples 🌾 were contaminated by mycotoxins.
Read our bulletin to learn more about the level of risk ➡️
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The #history of applied research at the BU Aquaculture started in the late nineties. “Today, we run a continuous program on #AppliedResearch around the globe related to topics of immediate relevance for our customers”, says Dr. Waldo Nuez.
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On March 31, Adisseo held in China 🇨🇳 a virtual #InvestorDay themed “Leading Innovation, Sustainable Future”.
The purpose of this event was to present to investors a clear roadmap for the company's 🗺️ #SustainableDevelopment in the next five years ⭐️
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Adisseo Spain supports @StemTalentGirl to promote the diversity of talents by strengthening #GenderDiversity! ♀️♂️We are taking action against the stereotypes and encouraging young girls to consider careers in the scientific and technological sectors.
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