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Si votre candidature est retenue, vous passerez entre 3 et 4 entretiens avec nos collaborateurs (Manager hiérarchique, Responsable Ressources Humaines, Responsable fonctionnel et/ou de Département). En tant qu’employeur, ADISSEO applique les principes de l’égalité des chances. Nous attachons de la valeur à la diversité et nous sommes déterminés à créer un environnement inclusif pour tous les employés.


#Rumen is a key factor when talking about SE assimilation in #ruminants 🐮
Mickaël Briens, R&D Manager, tells us more about the fate of both inorganic and organic forms of #Selenium in the rumen! 👉

[ #Job] 💼 Adisseo is looking for a FIO – Services Global Technical Manager 🇫🇷
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As school closed a few months ago due to Covid-19 pandemic, many #students lost the opportunity to eat #healthy meals 🍽️
By partnering with @GENYOUthNow, we are able to help them, while raising demand for farmed goods that otherwise are going to waste! 👍

Ranking ingredients differs between DE, ME or NE systems changing the #feed formulation: It’s true for #poultry and #pigs with the same benefits 🐔🐷
Discover more with Dr. Jean Noblet on:

So that the balance of #value we create between our #customers, our employees and our #shareholders is as fair as we can! 🤝
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[ #Job] 💼 Adisseo is looking for a Business Manager - MICROVIT in Belgium 🇧🇪
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