Communiqués de presse 24/04/2018

Bonnes performances sur T1 2018, en ligne avec les prévisions

Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo, a déclaré: “Nous sommes satisfaits des résultats du premier trimestre 2018 qui correspondent à nos attentes. Malgré certains vents contraires, tels les taux de change, l’augmentation du coût des matières premières, etc., nous avons maintenu une marge bénéficiaire solide grâce à une bonne gestion de nos opérations, une contribution ponctuelle forte de nos activités Vitamines et une capacité d’innovation confirmée…”

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Values and behaviour are the foundation of Adisseo human's richness. They allow 2185 employees to live together in an optimal working environment. Adisseo's main mission is to feed the planet in a high-quality, affordable, safe and sustainable way! ➡

[ #Job] 💼 Adisseo is looking for a Business analytic manager in Lyon, France. Ready to join us? For more information and to apply ➡

Dietary #methionine improves animal performance in tropical climates. Discover this article written by Caio Abercio Da Silva, Jose Barbi, Tahir Mahmood and Dolores I.Batonon-Alavo. Read More ➡ Adisseo photo

To spray Rhodimet® AT88 (liquid methionine) into the feed for medium sized feed mills (25 to 125 tonnes/year), Plug&Spray is the ideal system.
Discover more about the success of this equipment for the last 6 years ➡️
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🎴An important question when moving from ME/DE to NE system is the economic impact.
On Sept 16th, took place a special webinar which tried to answer this crucial❓. The full webinar is accessible on our FeedChannel ➡️
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“We wish an happy thanksgiving to all our stakeholders : Customers, partners, employees, providers…
Enjoy and stay safe!”
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