Communiqués de presse 29/04/2019

Adisseo et Kemin décident de ne pas reconduire leur accord sur la distribution des produits pour ruminants

“…À l’avenir,Adisseo a pour ambition d’accélérer le développement de ses produits de spécialités à l’international en renforçant son leadership en matière de méthionine. Ce sera la mission de notre future équipe en Europe, au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique…» a déclaré Jean Marc Dublanc le CEO d’Adisseo

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What should we do if we have implemented all 3 of the 4 steps of the #Mycotoxin Management Program and still find a multiple mycotoxin contamination in the feed? The application of mycotoxin deactivators is 🗝️ to protect animals livestocks. More info➡️ Adisseo photo

🚨In animals as well as in humans, #Selenium deficiency is associated with a compromised #immunity that can lead to various diseases including the #COVID19. Production of Se-enriched aliments could be key to deal with human Selenium deficiency.💡Read more➡️ Adisseo photo

Adisseo is proud to be in @LePoint "Top 250" of the most #responsible companies in France. 🌳🌍🙏
It rewards the socially and economically responsible actions and initiatives carried out over the past few years and which we will continue. More info ➡
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As part of the #sustainabledevelopment week, our researchers from the @CINACHEM Research Centre gave up, for one day, their tests on molecules 🧪to make "home-made" household products. Soaps, sponges and many more were on the menu. Of course, all barrier gestures were respected. Adisseo photo

[ #Job] 💼 Adisseo is looking for a commercial manager in South Africa. Sales hunter, team-player, analytical and sharp? Ready to join us? For more information and to apply ➡

Have a look at all the practical benefits of Rhodimet® AT88 in the feed mill.
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