New technical article on Salmonella


Navigating the Salmonella challenge:
Nutrition and health solutions for poultry resilience

Salmonella is a major issue in the poultry industry, impacting animal health and food safety. Antibiotic resistance has reduced the effectiveness of traditional treatments, necessitating alternative strategies. Adisseo’s holistic approach known as ‘Secure Performance’ enhances poultry natural resilience and aims to reduce the Salmonella risk, to improve poultry health and farm profitability.

Salmonella is a significant pathogen in the poultry industry, responsible for considerable economic losses and public health concerns due to its impact on food safety. This bacterium can colonize the intestinal tract of poultry, with some strains causing subclinical infections or severe disease outbreaks. Traditionally, antibiotics have been used to prevent and treat poultry salmonellosis. However, they currently face challenges in effectively controlling Salmonella infections due to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains.

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