New technical article on Enterococcus cecorum


Navigating the Enterococcus cecorum challenge:
Nutrition and health solutions for poultry resilience

Enterococcus cecorum is an emerging pathogen in poultry, posing significant challenges for poultry farmers worldwide. This bacterium can cause severe infections, leading to lameness, decreased growth rates and increased mortality, all of which directly impact the profitability and sustainability of poultry farms. Adisseo helps tackle the problem by supporting gut health and integrity.

Enterococcus cecorum is regarded as a normal inhabitant of the intestinal tract. However, certain strains of E. cecorum possess virulence genes and have evolved into significant pathogens. These strains spread rapidly, causing severe systemic infections like osteomyelitis, femoral head necrosis, spondylitis, and septicaemia. This leads to issues such as lameness, poor growth, and increased mortality, creating significant challenges for poultry farmers.

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