Important mycotoxins that can affect fish and shrimp include aflatoxins, Т/НТ-2 toxins, fumonisins, ochratoxin A, DON, and zearalenone.

Mycotoxin risks in aquaculture strongly depend on the raw materials used and the species sensitivity. Adisseo proposes a product range that provides a multi-level defense against mycotoxins and their unwanted effects in fish and shrimp.


  • Binding mycotoxins and promote their excretion
  • Bio-inactivate and destroy mycotoxins
  • Reducing the effect of digested mycotoxins on organs and organ systems


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Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolic products of moulds. At Adisseo, we have developed a comprehensive approach to their management. Our #MycoMan range of services allows the #mycotoxin risk to be identified. More info ➡ Adisseo photo

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