Selisseo®, the pure form of organic selenium for ruminant backed up by science

Selisseo®, the pure form of organic selenium for ruminant backed up by science

Science starts with the manufacturing – when a stable, safe, reliable and consistent product is produced. Its ability to improve the health and production of cattle has been demonstrated in over 20 published papers and more than 50 scientific communications.

Research has shown that OH-SeMet is highly bioavailable, thus helping animals fight oxidative stress and supporting performance under challenging conditions.

Scientific papers

Effects of source on bioavailability of selenium, antioxidant status, and performance in lactating dairy cows during oxidative stress-inducing conditions
L. L. Sun, S. T. Gao, K. Wang, J. C. Xu, M. V. Sanz-Fernandez, L. H. Baumgard, and D. P. Bu
Journal of Dairy Science. 2019

Revisiting Oxidative Stress and the Use of Organic Selenium in Dairy Cow Nutrition
Peter F. Surai, Ivan I. Kochish , Vladimir I. Fisinin and Darren T. Juniper
Animals. July 2019


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🚨In animals as well as in humans, #Selenium deficiency is associated with a compromised #immunity that can lead to various diseases including the #COVID19. Production of Se-enriched aliments could be key to deal with human Selenium deficiency.💡Read more➡️ Adisseo photo

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