Rhodimet® NP99: A methionine source in powder, ideal for premixers

Rhodimet® NP99 is a white, flowable powder of high purity containing at least 99% DL-methionine and less than 0.3% water content. Rhodimet® NP99 offers a simple, easy-to-use response to the concerns of premixers, mineral feed producers, pet food producers and some feed millers.

Like any methionine source, it improves the efficacy of feed by playing a decisive role in:

  • Increasing the flexibility of feed formulation processes,
  • Lowering feed costs,
  • Attenuating variations in animal production performance.

Rhodimet® NP99 is particularly adapted to premix and mineral feed where it can be added without quantity limit.


360° expertise included with Rhodimet® NP99

Through its expertise, Adisseo is able to answer customers’ requirements by offering them quality Rhodimet® NP99 & associated services and great supply reliability, while ensuring human safety and respect for the environment at its production plants and throughout the entire logistics chain.
Rhodimet® NP99 is manufactured in France at two sites in compliance with safety and environmental standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001), and both production and marketing operations are ISO 9001 and FAMI-QS certified.

Adisseo has strong expertise in DLM production, watch the video below to discover it.


Thanks to a network of worldwide analytical laboratories, Adisseo brings to its customers reliable and specific analytical services in various fields of activity. It is directly accessible online through E.lab, a web platform that allows customers to submit analytical requests, follow the progress of samples from submission to results and directly access results including certificate of analysis and comments from Adisseo technical managers.

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Adisseo provides its customers with PNE, a unique service based on NIR technology to predict the nutritional quality of the raw materials used in feed. Adisseo is able to analyze all main dietary ingredients to predict in real time the multiple characteristics impacting nutritional quality, using a reliable system based on in vivo data.

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Adisseo brings together the most recent nutritional recommendations for poultry & swine in net energy and nutritional values of raw materials to offer a unique platform: NESTOR. Net Energy system is the most appropriate energy system to be closer to the animal needs. With these two sets of data, formulation in Net energy gets easy!

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