Savings with Rhodimet® AT88

Feed millers can experience savings on feed cost with Rhodimet AT88 via feed formulation and usage in the feed production.

Savings at feed formulation

  • Savings in formulation with full matrix usage:
    Maximize your savings by using Rhodimet AT88 full nutritional value in your feed formula.
    1 kg of Rhodimet AT88 is equivalent to 880 g of methionine value.


  • Savings in formulation with use of energy matrix values:
    Taking into account Adisseo recommended energy matrix value of Rhodimet AT88 lead to feed reformulation and savings compared to feed supplemented with DL-M​ethionine. In a broiler grower formula, for example, a saving of 0.34 euro per ton of feed was observed.


To check out concrete examples in poultry and pig feed formulation, click on the related species below.


Savings at feed production

  • Savings on handling:
    As the dosage of Rhodimet AT88 is automatic, compared to the manual dosage of powder methionine in bags, time will be saved during feed production (estimation of 45 min per ton of product)​.



  • Savings on energy during pelleting:
    Up to 13% energy savings are experienced during pelleting when using Rhodimet AT88 (liquid OH-Methionine) instead of DL-Methionine.


Reliable Supply

You can count on a reliable supply with two Adisseo industrial platforms producing Rhodimet® AT88.
Adisseo is proposing the biggest volume of liquid OH-Methionine as the leader of the market.
You can expect supply reliability and short delivery lead time of Rhodimet® AT88 in bulk, IBCs or drums. Adisseo has a good knowledge, expertise and services to share on liquid OH-Methionine​.