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It is worth taking a closer look at the turkeys’ digestible Sulfur Amino acids (dSAA) requirement and the effects that dSAA have on animal performance when different methionine sources are used.


Sulfur Amino Acids requirements of turkeys using DL-Methionine or OH-Methionine

A trial conducted recently at the Missouri Contract Poultry Research on Hybrid Converter Tom aims to:

  • Determine the digestible SAA requirements of Hybrid Converter male turkeys fed increasing doses of either DL-Methionine (DL-Met) or OH-Methionine (OH-Met) between 0 to 28 days of age.
  • Compare the effects of the two Met sources on turkey performance​.

3,200 male Hybrid Converter turkeys were raised between 0 to 28 days in floor pens. Birds were fed a corn-soybean meal-based diet formulated to be low in sulfur amino acid (SAA). Methionine was added in the form of DL-Methionine (DL-Met) or liquid OH-Methionine (OH-Met), to create 7 different levels with a mid-level chosen to be the estimated digestible SAA requirement.

The combinations of different explanatory variables and mathematical models led to different requirement determinations. Overall, the estimated requirements are slightly below or matched the positive control which offered 1.02% of SAA.

Requirement estimates were similar between the two Met sources, independently to the equation used.

The conclusions are :

  1. OH-Met and DL-Met similarly sustain turkey growth performance between 0 to 28 days.
  2. TSAA requirements in turkeys are similar for both OH-Met and DL-Met.



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