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Methionine is essential for the performance of laying hens to achieve economical production (growth, laying performance and egg quality).


OH-Methionine and DL-Methionine: same efficacy in sustaining the laying performance and egg quality of Babcock layers

The study was performed on 448 Babcock layers reared from 17 to 31 weeks at Sri Ramadhoota, Poultry Research farm in India.

Birds were allocated to 2 treatments: a diet based on corn, soybean meal and limestone either with DL-Methionine, or with OH-Methionine to fulfill Total Sulfur Amino Acids requirement of birds.

During the experiment, laying hens were subjected to tropical conditions: high temperatures and air relative humidity levels. There was no significant difference in layer body weight, egg criteria performance and egg quality parameters between treatments.

Overall, this study shows that OH-Methionine is 100% efficient and that DL-Methionine and OH-Methionine sustain laying performance equally well in tropical climate.



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