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Methionine promotes duck growth performance and feather development. In the case of laying ducks, the supplementation of methionine improves productive performance.

100% efficacy of OH-Methionine in sustaining growth performance and feather development of Cherry Valley ducks

A study performed at Huazhong Agricultural University, China, looked at the performance, feather growth and carcass traits of ducks, fed diets supplemented with different levels of the OH-Methionine (OH-Met) and DL-Methionine (DL-Met).

The study was performed on 630 Cherry Valley ducks reared from 1 to 42 days. Diets were based on corn, wheat and soybean meal and formulated according to NRC (1994) recommendations. Treatments consisted in a basal diet deficient in Total Sulfur Amino Acids (TSAA) and eight supplemented treatments with either DL-Met or OH-Met.

OH-Met was found as efficient as DL-Met in sustaining Cherry Valley duck growth performance concerning body, carcass, breast or feather weights. In addition, methionine efficacy determined as the extra methionine intake per extra weight gain shows similar values between DL-Met and OH-Met.

This study shows that OH-Met is 100% efficient in sustaining Cherry Valley duck growth performance and feather development.

100% efficacy of liquid OH-Methionine in sustaining performance of laying ducks:

A trial was performed in Longyan ducks in China in collaboration with the Institute of Animal Science, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Science in 2022. The dietary treatments were: a corn-soybean meal-based deficient in methionine and experimental diets formulated with increasing doses of methionine, either in DL-Met, or OH-Met, around TSAA requirements level.

Dietary supplementation with DL-Met and OH-Met improved the productive performance of laying ducks, including increased egg weight and mass, decreased Feed to Egg ratio, increased egg albumen but decreased egg yolk component.

The efficacy of supplemental OH-Met to DL-Met was similar at 100%.



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