Rhodimet® AT88: 100% active and efficient to sustain monogastrics performance


All methionine sources available on the market (L-Methionine, DL-Methionine and OH-Methionine) when supplemented on an active molecule basis, are equally effective in improving growth performance of poultry, swine and aqua species.
Numerous scientific studies and field results for more than 40 years, in various contexts, including hot climates, are supporting the 100% efficacy value of Adisseo liquid OH-Methionine: Rhodimet® AT88.

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Focus on swine performance enhancement


All rearing periods

In swine diets, Total Sulfur Amino Acids (TSAA) are considered as secondary limiting amino acids. However the requirement in methionine should not be underestimated to ensure optimal performance.
Indeed a marginal deficiency of methionine level (few hundred grams) can result in significant decrease of performance (body and carcass weight). Ensuring a TSAA level at requirement is key.

Sow in gestation and lactation

The adjustment of Rhodimet® AT88 (liquid OH-Methionine) level in sows diets during the late gestation and lactation periods enhances milk content in protein and lactose and reduces the losses in body weight and backfat thickness of sows.


Suckling piglets benefit from an enhanced milk quality by exhibiting a higher body weight at the end of the lactation. When receiving an adjusted level of Rhodimet® AT88 after weaning, post-weaning piglets keep this trend of high performances.


To know more, watch the following videos about Rhodimet® AT88:

Methionine sources characteristics

Dr. Yves Mercier and Dr. Dolores Batonon Alavo are presenting the two main sources of synthetic methionine available for feed producers: DL-Methionine and hydroxy-methionine, their main differences and how they are all converted into L-methionine and absorbed by animals.

Bio efficacy of Rhodimet® AT88

Dr Dolores Batonon Alavo is explaining the methodology to compare accurately the efficacy of hydroxy-methionine and DL-methionine to sustain animal performance. With this method, we have shown that hydroxy-methionine is 100% active and promotes animal growth performance in the same way than DLM.

Rhodimet® AT88: More than a methionine source

Hydroxy-methionine has added values and specificities compared to DL-methionine. Dr Yves Mercier is illustrating the advantage of hydroxy-methionine in heat stress conditions for broilers performance and Dr Dolores Batonon Alavo is presenting the positive effect of hydroxy-methionine on lactating sows with an enhanced milk quality available for suckling piglets.

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