Guaranteed Vitamin Quality in Premix


Vitamins are essential to a healthy animal production. Adisseo is committed to delivering complete Microvit® range products of consistently high quality in compliance with global regulations that protect people, animals and the environment.

We care about the QUALITY of our vitamins. To ensure that the Microvit® product not only meets specifications but does so consistently and is stable, easy to use and traceable, a selection method, Microvit® Certification System (MCS), has been developed by Adisseo.

MCS is a process practiced all along the vitamin supply chain, including the production, the purchase, the quality control, the transport and the sale stages of Microvit® products, whether they are produced by Adisseo or by a producer-partner.

Microvit® Certification System, our differentiation for a unique positioning

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12 Criteria Selection to Ensure High Quality Vitamins in Premix

Thanks to our 12 criteria selection, Adisseo’s customers access a source of vitamins with consistently high quality and reliable supplies that meet the most stringent traceability and safety conditions while continuing to benefit from the company’s expertise and innovations.



What Value does Microvit® Certification System bring to the feed industry?


Consistent Quality

Consistent quality of Microvit® product is regularly controlled by CARAT, Adisseo’s central laboratory. With quality and process audits, Microvit® production systems are validated by Adisseo experts and certifying bodies for both in-house and externally sourced vitamins. Adisseo guarantees feed safety and absence of contaminants in the Microvit® products.


Traceability is controlled during Microvit® production and commercialization from raw material to final product, and from the stock to delivery at customer. Our automated and efficient system allows product to be tracked and re-called in case of any quality suspicion.


Microvit® and its producer partners are rigorously selected according to their reliability and expertise concerning mastery and long-term production capabilities. Adisseo validates the quality of the complete Microvit® range by meticulous controls and quality checks, for providing consistently reliable product.



Health and safety risks of operators are mitigated by constant review of Microvit® physical properties. Safety is guaranteed thanks to robust packaging and documentation sent systematically with Microvit® deliveries. Adisseo is focused on providing reliably safe products to our customers.

So, if you want to know more details about how we guarantee the consistently high quality of our vitamins, we are delighted to have more discussions with you, our valued customers.

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