Improving diet palatability to stimulate sow feed intake during lactation in summer

Feed intake during lactation is critical to ensure the sow is able to satisfy the nutritional needs of her growing litter whilst maintaining body condition. […]

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Dairy Nutritionists to Focus on Functional amino acids at upcoming Adisseo Wine & Cheese Social

Alpharetta, GA (June 2018) Functional amino acids and the role of lysine and methionine in dairy cow metabolism will be the focus of Professor Guoyao […]

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University of Idaho Students Applaud Weekend at Amino Acid University by Adisseo

May, 2018 Recently more than 20 graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Idaho Department of Animal and Veterinary Science took a weekend-long dive […]

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Optimize dairy herd performance by balancing amino acid levels

  April, 25 2018 Some aspects of a dairy calf’s lifetime performance are affected by nutrition while in utero, and the nutrients present in the […]

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Adisseo/Novozymes Talk ‘Consistency’ of Alterion Probiotic ahead of EU Launch

  May, 2018 After successful introductions in the U.S., South America, the Middle East, China and South East Asia, the probiotic Alterion has received EFSA […]

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Adisseo South America team at the South Brazil Poultry Symposium

held at Chapecó, from April 10 to 12

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Strong 2018 Q1 performance in line with expectation

Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo, said: “We are satisfied about the 2018 Q1 results which are in line with our expectation

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Methionine in the spotlight at Adisseo pig event

March, 15th 2017 Adisseo zoomed in on the effect of methionine and selenium in sows, piglets and pork at a 2-day event in Brussels, Belgium. […]

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