8 août 2014

Florence Gouache a visité la plateforme des Roches

Florence Gouache, sous-préfet de l’Isère, a débuté sa visite aux industriels de la région par la plateforme chimique des Roches.

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6 juin 2014

Premier anniversaire du démarrage d’Europe 2

Le thème du développement durable était à l’honneur pour cette manifestation consacrée à célébrer un investissement rare en Chimie.

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9 hours ago
Smartamine M and MetaSmart are key to #Amino Acid Balancing in lactating dairy #cow ration formulation 🐄 More information on: Adisseo photo
2 days ago
Adisseo’s latest findings were presented during the French congress #JRP dedicated to #swine research.
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2 days ago
"At Adisseo, we put the emphasis on chemical formula". Jean-François Rous, Executive Vice President Innovation of Adisseo shares the way the company works Adisseo photo
2 days ago
New data corroborate the full efficiency of #OH-Methionine to achieve optimal performance parameters of ducks: body #WeightGain, feather growth and carcass traits.
Read the article published by #Poultry World last January:
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3 days ago
Adisseo is among the world leaders in animal #nutrition We innovate, manufacture and market around the world with no less than 14 locations spread all over France 👇 Adisseo photo
4 days ago
Adisseo pursues advanced research in the field of #enzymes. Our experts have just published a new work supporting the feedase #nutritional approach. To know more: Adisseo photo