As micotoxinas importantes que podem afetar peixes e camarões incluem as aflatoxinas, toxinas Т / НТ-2, fumonisinas, ocratoxina A, DON e zearalenona.

Os riscos de micotoxinas na aquacultura dependem fortemente das matérias-primas utilizadas e da sensibilidade das espécies. A Adisseo propõe uma linha de produtos que promove defesas em diversos níveis contra micotoxinas e seus efeitos indesejados em peixes e camarões.


  • Se ligam a micotoxinas e promovem sua excreção
  • Bioinativam e destroem micotoxinas
  • Reduzem o efeito de micotoxinas digeridas em órgãos e sistemas orgânicos


Dietary #methionine improves animal performance in tropical climates. Discover this article written by Caio Abercio Da Silva, Jose Barbi, Tahir Mahmood and Dolores I.Batonon-Alavo. Read More ➡ Adisseo photo

To spray Rhodimet® AT88 (liquid methionine) into the feed for medium sized feed mills (25 to 125 tonnes/year), Plug&Spray is the ideal system.
Discover more about the success of this equipment for the last 6 years ➡️
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🎴An important question when moving from ME/DE to NE system is the economic impact.
On Sept 16th, took place a special webinar which tried to answer this crucial❓. The full webinar is accessible on our FeedChannel ➡️
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“We wish an happy thanksgiving to all our stakeholders : Customers, partners, employees, providers…
Enjoy and stay safe!”
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Mission #1: WE CONTRIBUTE 💪
Field monitoring, diagnosis of diseases, soil #erosion, variable rate of fertility... Everyday, our Adisseo team give its best in order to contribute to the #sustainable growth of the 🌎 ! 👍 More info ➡
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[ #Job] 💼 Adisseo recherche un médecin du travail pour son site situé en Auvergne, France. Envie de nous rejoindre ? Pour plus d'informations et pour candidater ➡ Adisseo photo