Sustainable development and animal nutrition

Sustainable development - at the core of our business

In Adisseo, sustainable development is the central focus of our activities. Our mission is to contribute to improving the efficiency and quality of the food chain. To do so, our services are catered to the performance of poultry, hog, and dairy cow farms.

Improved food security, a better quality nutrition, at a lower cost and more environmentally friendly: these are the challenges.


Safety, our #1 priority

Our ever-present goal: to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers, our facilities, our products, our transport and the environment.

Real operational performance cannot happen if accidents still occur in or out of the company and if our activities cause environmental degradation.

Our commitment is to regard safety in all areas as a core value and a zero-accident record as the primary mission.


Social responsibility

We are engaged in an active policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which translates into numerous initiatives: our type of governance, employee development, education, multi-cultural teams, corporate values ​​and more.

Our activities are built around three axes:

  • diversity and solidarity (involvement with local events, support for humanitarian organizations)
  • wellbeing and occupational health
  • career & employment (welcoming students and creating partnerships with schools and universities).

Environmental Protection

Adisseo invests approximately 20 million euro annually to improve the safety of its facilities and limit the environmental impact of its activities. We use the best available technologies for our environmental protection efforts.

Some of our most significant projects and investments are:

  • train cars with double security (overriding and rollover protection) for the transport of carbon disulfide on the Roches-Roussillon site,
  • Program for improve wastewater treatment,
  • a new underground ammoniac storage tank using the best available technology

Investing for sustainable growth

Adisseo has an active investment policy for its global industrial development and innovation of new products, services and processes. Each of our major investments is designed with sustainable development as the objective.

At the Roches-Roussillon platform, we installed in 2013 a new production unit that has eliminated the use of a solvent and reduced our water consumption by 20%.

We evaluate our suppliers on their approach to sustainable development for the majority of our procurement activities.