ADISSEO Roches Roussillon – France

Roches and Roussillon - at the heart of methionine production

11 km apart, these two sites are involved in every stage of the production of methionine, an essential amino acid for animal growth.

A new industrial facility for a greater production capacity

Opened in 2013, this environmentally-friendly facility helped increase our production capacity to meet market demand.

A sulfuric acid regeneration service

Thanks to our Roches Roussillon site Adisseo offers a service that regenerates sulfuric acid into non-pollutant sulfuric acid.

360 men and women gear up daily

With vigor and determination to maintain a production that is safe, clean and competitive

Committed to sustainable development


Active with the local community

In 2013, Adisseo became partners with the association in charge of managing, monitoring and promoting the natural site Ile du Beurre and its observation center.

This initiative demonstrates the site’s ongoing commitment to the local community.



A toll-free number for local residents

For optimum coexistence with our neighbors, the Roches site has set up a toll-free number for residents to report any unusual disturbance that may arise with the platform.


Improved transportation

Adisseo has been labeled a “green charger” by the Rhône-Alpes region in 2013.

This label rewards the efforts behind the site’s transportation policy, including our involvement in river development and multimodal solutions for the Saône-Rhone river axis.




Standard Subject Field Application
ISO 14001 (2004) Environment Environmental Protection
ISO 9001 (2008) Products & Processes Quality management system
OHSAS 18001 (2007) Safety of people and goods Health & safety management system
FAMI-QS/HACCP Product Safety Management of food safety of marketed products.
SGS Referential Seveso II European Regulation Processes Industrial risk prevention, especially the risk of major accidents
Operational Excellence Business & Organization Continuous improvement

Underground ammonia storage

In 2011, Adisseo replaced an ammonia storage tank by an underground version that added several major gains in terms of safety and the environment: removal of any liquid or gaseous emissions, supply exclusively by rail, etc.



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