ADISSEO Commentry – France

Located in the heart of the Auvergne region, Commentry is the Group's only multi-product site.

Manufacturing methionine powder ( Rhodimet®) , coated methionine ( Smartamine®)  and vitamins ( Microvit®), the Commentry plant has a major industrial role in the economic growth of the region.

Our ambition and strategy: become a multi-activity industrial platform

The commentry plant has begun construction of a co-generation biomass power plant with an annual production capacity equivalent to the electricity consumption of 100,000 inhabitants. It will begin operations in late 2015.

An ambitious investment in new production capacities

Set to begin operations in late 2014, the new production of coated methionine will allow Adisseo to strengthen its position as the world’s number one producer for ruminant products and offer its employees a fully automated workshop.

Fifty employees dedicated to research, innovation, process improvement and quality assurance

Commentry retains a research, analysis and control laboratory as well as a Center for Nutritional Study and Research for testing and developing our products and services.

Recognized safety expertise

With its expertise in the field of safety, Adisseo inaugurated a Training Center in 2009.

Every year, a thousand people from medium and large companies are trained in safety, prevention and risk management.

Committed to sustainable development


A platform with a pool of shared services

The Commentry platform offers a pool of shared expertise and resources to serve your projects of
development and competitivity in the chemical and industrial fields.

Commentry Industrial Platform


Focused on renewable energy

In 2015, Adisseo will reduce its C02 emissions by purchasing 50% of the steam produced by the biomass cogeneration plant.


Maximizing our resources

In order to reduce 90% of transportation related to sending Eaux Mères Secondaires (EMS) for incineration, Adisseo built a new EMS processing unit to extract organic impurities.


Respecting our neighbors

To identify odors that can be generated by our activity, Adisseo established a team of olfactory experts, all trained in the detection and characterization of odors. With their involvement, we are improving our ability to react quickly by being immediately aware of the anomaly and implementing the necessary actions to correct it.



Standard Subject Field Application
ISO 14001 (2004) Environment Environmental Protection
ISO 9001 (2008) Products & Processes Quality management system
OHSAS 18001 (2007) Safety of people and goods Health & safety management system
FAMI-QS/HACCP Product Safety Management of food safety of marketed products.
SGS Referential Seveso II European Regulation Processes Industrial risk prevention, especially the risk of major accidents
Operational Excellence Business & Organization Continuous improvement

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