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Burgos is the only European plant that produces liquid methionine

Since 1990, Adisseo has produced liquid methionine at Burgos, under the commercial name Rhodimet AT88.

Facilities with advanced technologies

The technology used for our industrial processes is sophisticated and automated.

We strive to continuously develop our systems and facilities.

Burgos contributes to the industrial development of the region

Adisseo España focuses on using local businesses for innovative work, for improvement projects, for logistics, etc. This allows us to help improve the local economy and industrial presence.

Our employees are our greatest asset

The talent of our employees makes the difference in our business. Since 2006, Adisseo España started an Operational Excellence initiative which aims to involve all employees in continuous improvement projects.

Sustainable development commitment


Eliminate all sulfur dioxide present in flue gases

The Burgos plant is engaged in the construction of an installation to remove sulfur dioxide from oxidation oven fumes and instead turn them into a reusable intermediate product used in the manufacturing of Methionine.

The facility, Pegaso, which will go into operation during the third quarter of 2014, will reduce 80% of its atmospheric emissions.


Transfer of skills

At Burgos, a skills transfer program was launched in spring 2013 to ensure the continuation of best manufacturing practices.

A team of tutors has been set up to mentor new employees.

This initiative will be extended to all activities in 2014.



Employing Locally

Viewers of the regional Spanish television channel, La 8, chose Adisseo as the winner of the best “entrepreneurial values​​” award.

Adisseo Burgos was recognized for its contributions to the local economy and employment in the Burgos region.



Standard Subject Field Application
ISO 14001 (2004) Environment Environmental Protection
ISO 9001 (2008) Products & Processes Quality management system
OHSAS 18001 (2007) Safety of people and goods Health & safety management system
FAMI-QS/HACCP Product Safety Management of food safety of marketed products.
SGS Referential Seveso II European Regulation Processes Industrial risk prevention, especially the risk of major accidents
Operational Excellence Business & Organization Continuous improvement

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