Liquid OH-Methionine application in feed

Liquid OH-Methionine has practical benefits in the feed mill like bringing no dust and shows an excellent application in feed. Discover all about it in 5 short interviews of Marc Perel, Solution Application Manager, at Adisseo.


Practical benefits of using liquids in the feed mill

Liquids are already a major part of the daily routine of feed mills and recent feed mills projects are choosing liquids for their assets: economical interest, more flexibility in formulation and in plant design with the possibility to put more distance between storage and addition point, no demixing, etc.


Design of liquid methionine equipment

Designing of liquid methionine application equipment in a feed mill starts with customers’ needs assessment.

The key process steps to look at are : storage and spraying.


Dosage accuracy

Different ways to dose liquid OH-Methionine in the feed mill are possible: weighing scales or flowmeters with different performances according to each case.




Homogeneity and recovery of additives in feed are the main criteria to evaluate the quality of their application in the feed mill. Since the correct equipment are present and good practices are respected, homogeneity can be reached whatever the form of the additive: liquid or powder.



Maintenance of liquid application equipment

Maintenance of equipment applying liquid OH-Methionine include mainly inspections. We propose a check-list of verification and maintenance operations and their advised frequency, that is available on request.


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