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Research & Innovation 01/05/2021

Feed formulator

Job family : Research & Innovation | Position : Research & Innovation | Area : France | Region : To be defined : Commentry / Antony / Lyon / Toulouse | Contract : Temporary |

Key responsabilities

Job area & mission:

  • Develop Net Energy Tables for a large range of raw materials
  • Develop Tables for Net Energy Requirements for Poultry and Swine
  • Build up the elements to support the use of those tables by the industry


Main responsibilities:


As member of project team, the candidate is responsible to collect existing data on Net Energy in feed formulation, for all monogastric species. He/She will provide both Net Energy content of all raw materials (ingredients) as well as all NE requirements for poultry and swine species at different physiological stages. He/she must identify the missing information, to help Adisseo R&I completing them. He/She converts these data into practical tools, useful for customers, within network of existing tools developed by Adisseo and its IT department: PNE (use of NIRS to predict nutritional value of ingredients), ADICT (calculation of the nutritional value according to biochemical parameters), eRNG (use to predict amino acid requirements of all species). He/She contributes to develop the NE usage in feed formulation and to help its practical use by end users. He/She participates to the conception of internal training (Adisseo teams) and in the elaboration of communication plan for external networks.


Main Skills


First experience in feed formulation mandatory

Good management of one formulation software (Brill, Format, Basemix, Allix, etc.)

Good knowledge of feedstuffs, raw material chemistry, poultry and/or swine nutrition

Knowledge of key issues encountered in feed mills and feed producers

Implement a project in a network taking into account existing resources and tools

Able to communicate through technical articles

Customer centric

Good interpersonal skills and teamwork spirit

Open minded, curious

Rigorous, independent

Fluent in English (oral and written)



1-3 years of experience as feed formulator.

Someone with a high communication skill and a good team player could be a good fit.

Good capability for data management and mathematics


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[ #Job] 💼 Adisseo is looking for a Financial Controller region Europe/CIS based in Turnhout, Belgium. Ready to join us? For more information and to apply ➡

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