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Research & Innovation 07/01/2020

Trials and Pre-Clinical Operations Manager Animal Nutrition (TOM)

Job family : Research & Innovation | Position : Research & Innovation | Area : France | Region : To be defined | Contract : Permanent position |

Key responsabilities

Mission  :

Within the frame of the strategic directions of Adisseo’s R&I (Research and Innovation), the Trials and Pre-Clinical Operations Manager Animal Nutrition (TOM) ensures the implementation and monitoring of all external studies carried out, on a global level, in close collaboration with Adisseo’s researchers and the Principle Investigators (PI).

Main responsibilities :

1﴿ The TOM is in charge of developing the network of External Laboratories and Research Stations:

She/he identifies external Laboratories, study centers, universities and national and international experimental facilities having the competencies to carry out the studies requested by the Adisseo researchers.

When necessary, she/he visits these laboratories to establish contacts, perform an audit of the facilities and assesses the skills and competencies of the teams. Moreover, he/she can mission other Adisseo R&I team members to audit these laboratories and thus establishes a recommendation whether to engage into trial work, with regards to quality and cost structure.

2﴿ She/He is responsible for setting up and monitoring the studies entrusted to the External Laboratories

She/He makes the link with the research team to set up the external studies necessary for research and development programs in close collaboration with the clients: definition of the protocol (based on the request coming from Adisseo’s scientists), schedule and budget. She/He monitors the trials, from the organization of shipments and reception of trial items, samples, raw data until the trial execution and finally data generation. She/He reports on the progress of the studies, resolving problems that may arise, in close collaboration with the Adisseo researchers and PI’s. She/He finalizes and closes off the trial monitoring in analysing the reports with external partners, taking into account the comments and questions from the Adisseo researchers.

3﴿ She/He ensures the Quality of External Studies:

She/He ensures a regular audit of the installations, external partners and ongoing studies. She/He validates in close cooperation with the Adisseo researchers the quality of the studies carried out. She/He works in partnership with external partners to improve their service. In connection with the purchasing department, she/he participates in the choice of the external research centers. In connection with the purchasing department, She/He ensures the eligibility of external centers in terms of safety and sustainable development policy.

4﴿ She/He ensures the administrative, legal and financial monitoring of External Studies:

She/He is responsible for the legal follow-up of the external studies in liaison with the legal counsellors: confidentiality contract, research & service contract, intellectual property.
She/He is responsible for the financial follow-up of external studies, with its purchase orders and invoices.

She/he manages an administrative assistant who is closely monitoring budgets, payments and forecasts of the external studies within Adisseo’s booking system

5﴿ Actively participates in the sales of services from the Adisseo experimental station:

In collaboration with the head of experimentation, the technical team and the researchers, she/he is active in the sale of services such as nutritional studies carried out in Adisseo facilities by explaining to potential customers, coming from the external network, Adisseo’s trial assets and competencies

Management :

Manages one administrative assistant, who is taking care of contract and budget implementation and follow up

Main Skills


  • Master or PhD in agriculture, agronomy or biology with focus and education in animal nutrition or animal health
  • Min 3 years’ experience in a research position, preferably in the animal nutrition industry or in a CRO in animal husbandry
  • Experienced in developing relationship with animal trial stations worldwide
  • Good knowlegde of R&D project management
  • General training in animal science, animal nutrition and / or animal experimentation
  • Knowledge of statistics and experimental plans
  • Strong communication skills
  • English – French: fluent


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