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Business Development 12/22/2021

Area Sales Manager (ASM)- Turkey & Israel

Job family : Business Development | Position : Sales | Area : Turkey | Region : Turkey & Israel | Contract : Permanent position |

Key responsabilities


  • A member of the Adisseo MEA team, the ASM is responsible to develop Adisseo turnover and market shares in the Area. Moreover, the ASM has the full responsibility to achieve the Performance Products BGVM objectives and is co-responsible to reach the Specialty Products sales target.


  • To achieve objectives, the ASM will be responsible for maintaining a long-term relationship with accounts and maximizing sales opportunities within them. The ASM will serve to understand the customer’s demands, plan how to meet these demands, and generate sales for the company as a result.


  • As a matter of fact, the ASM will coordinate resources starting with the management of the local sales team, the management of exclusive and non-exclusive distributors and agents in the Area. On the other hand, the ASM will corporate with Technologist’s activities in the field and will get the support from Category Managers and Technical Managers. Accordingly, the ASM will oversee designing the appropriate action plan customer by customer for the assigned area. Among other means, the action plan will be followed through projects; the ASM will have the responsibility to create those projects, to share them and to obtain the commitment and agreements from the other members of the team working in the same territory.


  • Therefore, the ASM will engage in a variety of tasks including project management, coordination, strategic planning, relationship management, negotiation, leadership and innovative development of opportunities, and keeping record of transaction of sale and purchase Adisseo products under the supervision of the Regional Director, MEA.



Commercial and Management

  • Management and the leadership of the STSMs in the area.
  • To act as the key interface between the customer, the distributor/agent and all relevant divisions of Adisseo
  • To develop unique ways to grow the business with distributors/agents and customers and provide solutions to management in the face of challenges
  • To apply strictly the commercial policy following management guidelines on prices, volumes and credit management but detecting opportunities and using Adisseo unique product line leverage
  • To determine Payment terms with Credit Manager and necessary credit line for the achieving objectives
  • To ensure payment collection in relationship with the customer service and the Credit Manager to limit overdue.
  • To forecast accurately, and monthly, sales of all Adisseo product line in the Area and aligning the STSMs accordingly.
  • To plan and manage Adisseo product sales at the level of the Area for all non-key accounts, through Distributors or not, to execute and achieve the Area Business Plans.
  • To evaluate and assess the overall effectiveness and also give pertinent suggestion about resources allocation and particularly at the distributors/agent’s level
  • To manage Adisseo and distributor/agent relationships applying contract terms and clauses
  • To write business plans for all current and opportunity tender business in the Area.

Market Analysis and Marketing

  • To analyze Area’s Feed Market, growth perspectives, opportunity and threat
  • To understand the matrix of players in animal, feed and premix production in the Area, the relations between different players within the Area and their influence on a country, European or global level
  • To master key technical messages, value propositions, positioning and target customers regarding Adisseo product line and services.
  • To understand the decision-making process of the customers and especially of the key accounts.
  • To control and manage the overall expenditures in the Area to promote Adisseo brands and products
  • To keep the distributors and/or agents updated on the Adisseo corporate information
  • To attend and participate in trade shows, conferences, and other marketing events
  • To report any information of possible interest for the rest of Adisseo, distributor and/or agent on competitor products, pricing and marketing strategies

Main Skills

  • Degree in business, marketing, or related field or Veterinary/Agri/Agro engineering
  • Experience: 5 to 10 years in sales and ideally in the feed industry
  • Languages: Turkish / English : fluent, French is a plus
  • IT tools: Master software Windows
  • Skills:
    • Autonomous
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Negotiation
    • Decision making
    • Time management
    • Persuasive
    • Confident
  • 70% of the time travelling

Location: İstanbul – İzmir

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