Supporting optimal duck performance

Article published in Poultry World, January 2019 By Dolores Batonon-Alavo and Yves Mercier​, Adisseo New research studied the ways to improve duck productivity. The study described in the article looked […]

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Adjusting methionine source and level to improve pork quality traits

Article published in International Pig Topics (credit Positive Action –,  January 2019, Volume 33 Number 8 By Dolores Batonon-Alavo and Yves Mercier​, Adisseo   Whilst methionine is already added to pig diets to facilitate growth, […]

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Adisseo Highlights 5 Years of Methionine Sources Research

12 November 2018 – Interview in FeedInfo of Dr. Dolores Batonon Alavo and  Dr.  Yves  Mercier at the occasion of the release of the new Methiopedia […]

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Rhodimet® days : customer event in Lyon and Burgos for premixers and feed producers

Adisseo proposes methionine products under powder and liquid forms to fit the different needs of customers: premixers, feed millers, integrators, etc. Two events were organized […]

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Different Methionine Sources At Same Equimolar Levels: Similar Broiler Performances Achieved

LIVESTOCK & FEED Business • OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2018 Based on trial results, three methionine sources, supplemented at the right equimolar basis, will deliver the same efficacy […]

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Liquid hydroxy-methionine bio-efficacy: Why such a debate for years?

The main methionine sources available to supplement feed are: DL-Methionine in powder form and OH-Methionine in liquid form. Scientific content and publications on the efficacy […]

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Preventive maintenance tips for liquid additive equipment

Sept. 2018 As with any other feed mill equipment installation, liquid additive systems require proper maintenance to ensure the safety and quality of animal feed. […]

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METHIOPEDIA, the Technical Reference Book of Methionine – A new edition

Five years after its first edition, Adisseo is publishing a new version of Methiopedia: The Technical Reference Book of Methionine with updated and new information on many topics. […]

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