Acquisition of Nor-Feed

Adisseo announces that it has completed the acquisition of Nor-Feed, a French group that designs, produces and markets plant-based specialty ingredients and plant extracts for animal nutrition.

This acquisition is part of the Adisseo Group’s strategy to become one of the world leaders in specialty ingredients for animal nutrition.

The Nor-Feed project is focused on the preventive role of nutritional strategies, using botanical extracts from agricultural co-products in animal nutrition and hygiene to limit the use of antibiotics, coccidiostats and pesticides.

For Jean-Marc Dublanc “This investment is a key step in our strategy to develop specialty ingredients, in particular through unique and differentiating technologies and natural and sustainable solutions for our customers. Adisseo is positioned in an emerging market, growing at nearly 10% per year.”



Adisseo engages into its CEO succession

The succession of its Leaders is anticipated and rely on existing long term talents part of Adisseo and the Bluestar Group, to guarantee strategic continuity and capacity to adapt quickly short-term actions in operations.

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Adisseo announces its participation in the new closing round of China’s first Agri-food

This investment is part of Adisseo’s strategy which focuses on activities at the forefront of the modern agricultural and livestock revolution: animal health, feed and nutrition and digital technologies serving the livestock industry.

Jean-François Rous, Adisseo Executive VP Research & Innovation, stated: “Adisseo is a unique company committed to strategic investments in new disruptive technologies, in order to enrich our portfolio of R&D innovations while respecting a mode of sustainable growth.”

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Adisseo announces the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of Nor-Feed

This investment is a key step for Adisseo in its strategy of developing specialty ingredients, and its ambition to make Nor-Feed a French leader in functional plant extracts for animal nutrition. By offering natural and sustainable solutions to its customers, Adisseo is positioning itself on a market with an annual growth of almost 10%.

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Calysta and Adisseo developing plan to bring major alternative protein facility to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Advanced discussions and detailed planning are underway between the partners, who have formalised their intent to move forward with a development in the country. The partnership is aiming to build a 100,000 tonne-capacity fermenter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to produce Calysta’s novel protein ingredients, which require no animal or plant ingredients to produce. It is hoped the facility could become operational by the end of 2026, pending necessary construction and approvals.

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2021 Sustainable Report

New era of food security beckons as world’s first industrial-scale alternative protein facility switches on

The world’s first industrial-scale facility to produce FeedKind®, a protein ingredient that needs no animal or plant matter to produce, has switched on.

Calysseo, a joint venture between worldwide animal nutrition leader Adisseo and protein innovator Calysta, will initially produce 20,000 tonnes of protein per year from the facility in Chongqing, China. With startup operations complete, the fermenter will become world’s largest single protein production facility.

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🦃 New article written by Dolores I. Batonon-Alavo, Yves Mercier and Rob B. Shirley on #turkey #methionine requirements, result of a trial conducted in the US, with the use of DL-HMTBA (OH-Methionine) and DL-Methionine as methionine sources: @PoultryWorld Adisseo photo
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Rejoignez-nous dès à présent 👉
La team #QHSE d'Adisseo France recrute ! 📣
Nous sommes à la recherche d'un(e) Chef(fe) de projet HSE à #Commentry 🇫🇷
Rejoignez-nous dès à présent 👉
💧⚡ Liquid #methionine can decrease energy consumption at pellet mill compared to powder methionine. Marc Perel, Adisseo, tells us more in this video, extracted from the webinar: "Optimize the energy consumption in the #feedmill" 👉 Adisseo photo